1101 William Street, College Station, TX 77845




President: Katy King                    

Vice President: Melissa Thomas              

Secretary: Dawn Fedora                            

Treasurer: Will Bailey & Chris Woodruff

Spirit Nights: Jenna Kurten & Katy Lane

Yearbook: Whitney Ohendalski

Volunteers Coordinator: Whitney Ohendalski

Promotions & Box Tops: Marian Williams        

Staff Appreciation: Andrea Poehl, Katie Pfeiffer

Website & Facebook: Carrie Morgan














The PTO Directory is now available electronically by downloading a password protected file. Please email if you need the password or any help accessing the PTO Directory. Thank you!







School Supplies: Shelly Gutierrez & Amber Goodwin

Book Fair: Elsa Gonzalez, Claudia Smith, Kelli Ribera,    

         Dawn Fedora


Fall Fundraiser: Kelli Ribera

Spring Food Drive: Julia West & Susan Fox

Paw Print Festival Chair & Committee: 

        Jamie Scheiner

        Melissa Poling

        Whitney Ohendalski

        Chris Woodruff

        Melinda Wiggins          


Teacher Liason: Moira Koett











The PTO Board could always use fresh new faces. We are happy to work with you in the way that  best fits your schedule.  If you are interested in accepting an open board position for this year or next or would like to help a current board member, please contact

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