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Morning Procedures


What time does the school doors open?

The front doors open at 7:15. Students may enter to eat breakfast or wait in the gym. No student supervision is provided before 7:15.


What time are classrooms open?

The doors into the main hallway open at 7:35.


When is it and can I eat breakfast with my child?

Breakfast is served from 7:15-7:40. Parents who check into the front office can join their student for breakfast.


What time are student's tardy?

The school day starts with the first bell at 7:45. A tardy bell at 7:50 offers students 5 minutes of grace period. At 7:50, students are expected to be present in the classroom. Students who enter the building after 7:50 will receive a tardy pass from the office staff.


Is it better to arrive at school earlier?

Arriving earlier in the mornings does help our campus' logistics. Our school family is large and having more arrivals before 7:35 helps to relieve congestion resulting in a faster, easier time for families who come early.


What time do Friday Morning Meetings start?

Each Friday, College Hills begins the day with a tradition called Friday Morning Meetings which involve announcements, celebrations and are a great way to wake up and warm up our school family! Parents are welcome to attend (if they check in to the office) and students enter the Friday Morning Meeting at anytime that they arrive before the tardy bell. Friday Morning Meetings begin at approx. 7:30, but the gym is lively as soon as students start to fill in.


Can I park and escort my child into their classroom?

Parking in the school parking lot is the best option for safety and traffic flow for the neighborhood. The map above shows the two lanes of traffic and when either should be used. All parents who escort their students into the building will need to obtain a visitor's badge in order to escort their child to their classroom after the first week of school due to CSISD Safety policy changes. Parents should avoid walking their children to their classroom daily and instead check in to escort their child when they have specific business such as carrying a bulky item.


If someone is first timer at dropping off in the mornings, what do they need to know?

Within the school zone, there are several traffic signs that limit parking, pulling over, using the bus lane and turning left into the school parking lot during peak traffic times . These are enforcable by the police and tickets may be given.


Two lanes of traffic are marked when entering the school parking lot as seen in the map above.



Any students entering the school from the parking lot must be escorted across one of the two crosswalks by an adult.. No student should be dropped off anywhere except in the drop-off/pick-up lane located near the front door. Parking on Gilchrist is discouraged. Look for signs that prohibit parking along Gilchrist within the school zone.


Drive Thru

Students should only exit vehicles on the passenger side and should be ready to exit the vehicle quickly.


Walking/Bike Riders

Sidewalks and crosswalks should always be used. When next to the building and along Gilchrist to Williams, students should walk and not ride their bikes.


Bus Riders

Bus Riders enter the school after 7:15 through the front doors.



Afternoon Procedures


What time will students be dismissed?

Students are dismissed at 3:05. Students who need to leave earlier must be checked out early from the school office.


If I need to change my child's plan to travel home from school, how do I do so?

To communicate a change in afternoon transportation, parents should notify the office before 2:30 p.m. as messages received after can be difficult to communicate during the busy dismissal transition. While notifying a teacher by email may be helpful, both same-day AND in-advance dismissal changes need to be communicated to the front office.


If someone is first timer at picking up students in the afternoon, what do they need to know?

Two lanes of traffic are marked when entering the school parking lot as seen in the map above.


Parent Walk-up

Parent Walk-up will no longer be offered due to new CSISD safety policies. If you would like to walk with your "walker," discuss with your teacher whether you should meet the group of walkers being dismissed to either Gilchrist or Francis.


Car Riders

Display the name of the child being picked up in the driver's side window of the vehicle. This helps staff members correctly identify the students to be called to the pick up area by walkie talkie. Drivers should remain in the vehicle as they reach the pick-up area.. College Hills staff assist students in getting into the vehicle.


Walkers/Bike Rider

Students should always use sidewalks and crosswalks. When next to the building and along Williams to Gilchrist, students should walk and not ride their bikes.


Bus Riders

Students await their vehicles in the grade level pods  Students entering school or other local buses/vans will be escorted by staff members to load on Williams Street.


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